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                                                  Welcome to Emerald Class


            We are looking forward to another super half-term of fun and learning.


We would like to begin by saying thank you to the Tiger Who Came to Tea.  As you may already know, although the Tiger did not reply to our letter inviting him for tea, we feel sure that he came because he left us a trail of empty packaging in the corridor outside our classroom.  We were very resourceful and made good use of this by labelling it with expanded noun phrases to help us in our end of unit writing task.  So, thank you again Tiger, you would be welcome back at any time.  no





Moving on, we will be continuing to make progress in our writing this half-term by linking our science lessons to our non-fiction writing lessons.  We will begin my exploring a range of materials and writing these in a list, both vertically with numbers or bullet points and horizontally with commas between each item.  We will then move onto explore the properties of each material and will use expanded noun phrases to describe these.   Next, we will make something of our choice using a range of materials and afterwards write a set of instructions for others to follow.  Finally, we will test our materials to confirm that they have the properties we think they have, which will in turn enable us to write out our experiments including the apparatus we used, the method we chose and the results we obtained.    

During all of these writing tasks we will be expected to meet our own individual Minion targets and so provide evidence of our learning in both English and Science.   



In History this half-term, the process will be similar to the above. 

We will be exploring the 1984-85 Miner's Strike and writing about this in our English lessons. 


Image result for mining wheel



To help us with our reading skills, Year Two children will continue to work in small groups answering comprehension problems.  

Year One children will have plenty of opportunities to play Phonics Snap games 

to boost their rapid recall of sounds, which will improve their word recognition

and in turn will boost their confidence in preparation for the Phonics Screening in June. 











In Maths we are moving on to explore fractions and measure.















National Curriculum Spellings


Starting next week, because all of Emerald Class are at different stages with regards to their ability to spell the National Curriculum words for their year group,  we will be adding an individual spelling sheet to the back of your child's homework book. 

The list will contain all of the words they are expected to be able to spell before the end of their academic year. 

It will show which words from the list your child can already spell, and therefore, which words they need to learn to spell.   


(This list is separate - and in addition to - their normal weekly spellings which are based upon their progress  through the Read, Write Inc phases


We will identify up to five words each week that they should learn to spell,

and will check to see if they have mastered them during the following week. 

Once mastered, we will identify the  next five words.


Please do not worry if your child takes longer than a week to learn their spellings, as all children learn at different speeds. 

The main thing is that they keep practising.

As always, we thank you in anticipation of your support.

Summer 1 Curriculum Leaflet

Phonics Screening

In Science/Art we have at last found time to make our own elephants using recycled milk bottles and tissue paper.