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4-1-4 (Wrap around care)

4-1-4 is an independently run before and after school club. The club usually takes place in Newton Nursery which is located in Newton Primary School. 


Please see the information below if you need wrap around care for your child.

Arrangements for September 2020 in response to the Coronavirus


After undertaking a thorough risk assessment and after following DFE and Government guidance, we are pleased to announce that 414 will be open again from Thursday 3rd September 2020.


We will be following all of the advice issued by the Government and DFE to ensure all children, parents and staff remain as safe as possible. We will take the following measures to ensure this safety: 


  • 414 club will be based temporarily in the schools hall. This is for hygiene reasons i.e. the space will not be shared by other groups and there is also more space which will allow the children to be spaced out during their time in the club. Parents/carers should drop off and collect their child(ren) off at the hall door (green double doors by the side of the car-park). 
  • There will be a limit of maximum numbers allowed into 4-1-4 for safety measures. 
  • Children entering the club will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly. This will also be case when they are collected. 
  • Signing in/out sheets will be situated on a table outside of the hall. Please bring your own pen as these will not be provided.
  • When the children are in the club, we will aim to keep them at a distance. We will not be able to ensure they are always 2 metres apart but will try our best to keep them as spaced apart as possible. 
  • We will limit the amount of resources/ equipment the children have access to. All resources/equipment will be cleaned after use.
  • During any food/drink preparation, PPE will be worn by 4-1-4 staff. This will be prepared in the schools kitchen at the side of the hall.
  • All bookings and payments will need to be made in advance. 
    • Payments should be made via bank transfer (please email for these details)
    • Bookings should be made by emailing us at 
  • When dropping off and collecting from 4-1-4 club, parents/carers should maintain a 2 metre social distance from all other parents/carers. Cones will mark out this distance for you outside of the hall. 


If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact Diana on 07830 157414 or Liz on 07478156395.