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Click here if your child is isolating from school

First step... download our remote learning guide and checklist

Use this template to support your child with their home learning. The checklist should be printed off and used during the period of absence so your child feels like their learning has structure and a purpose. Printed copies can be requested via the school office. For SeeSaw and Tapestry advice, click back onto the previous page. 

What to expect during your child's remote learning period?

  1. When your child first goes into their remote learning period i.e. the start of isolating from home, school will directly message you a series of links via text message. These will direct you to resources designed to support with home learning
  2. You will recieve a call each day by Mrs Hermansen. She will check in with you as a family and will be able to take any messages for your child's class teacher
  3. Your child's class teacher will call at least once per week. This is to offer any academic support required and to provide general feedback about your child's progress during their remote learning. 
  4. Mrs Sanderson, our Acting Pastoral Manager, is also on hand to provide remote wellbeing support if requested. 
  5. After the remote learning period has come to an end and your child is ready to return back to school, we will send you a post remote learning survey for you and your child to complete. This feedback will support us in evaluating our remote learning package moving forward.   

Our Remote Learning offer

During these uncertain times, as a school we believe it's important to provide every child at Newton Primary School with consistency when it comes to their education.


If your child is off school due to illness, we will presume that they are unable to complete work from home. When they make a full recovery, they will return to school and resume their learning as usual. 


There may be times when your child is off school due to Coronavirus and they're actually fit and well. An example of this would be a family member in the household is awaiting COVID test results and the household is isolating. In these circumstances, the school would expect your child to continue with their education. In order to provide every child with this opportunity, we are directing parents/carers to the National Oak Academy website. 


We suggest families follow this timetable when isolating from school. 


9.00-10.00- Morning Activities

(a morning walk/ exercise, yoga etc.)


10.00-11.30- Academic Time

(activities to be accessed through SeeSaw)


11.30-12.00- Creative Time

(playing with lego, crafting, drawing etc.)


12.00-1.00- Lunchtime


1.00-2.00- Quiet Time 

(IT free time, reading, puzzles etc.)


2.00-3.30- Academic Time

(activities to be accessed through SeeSaw)


What is Oak National Academy? 

Oak National Academy is an online resource which features over 10,000 online lessons. These lessons are planned by qualified teachers. The lessons are interactive with many featuring videos, online quiz's, worksheets and guidance for parents/carers.