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Click here if your child's class/ bubble is isolating from school

In the event that your child's class/ bubble is away from school, your child will access learning through their SeeSaw/ Tapestry account. 


Teachers will upload videos and daily tasks to be completed. They will ensure there is a daily activity for the following subject areas:

  • a Reading or phonics lesson
  • a Maths lesson
  • a Writing lesson
  • a Topic/ Art/ Science lesson


Links to videos and other teaching resources will also be uploaded onto SeeSaw/ Tapestry. 


Teachers will provide written or verbal feedback to your child over SeeSaw/ Tapestry regarding the tasks they have completed. Similar to the summer lockdown, we recommend that your child follows this example timetable which is heavily centred around developing key skills and nurturing good mental wellbeing. 


9.00-10.00- Morning Activities

(exercise, yoga etc.)


10.00-11.30- Academic Time

(activities to be accessed through SeeSaw)


11.30-12.00- Creative Time

(playing with lego, crafting, drawing etc.)


12.00-1.00- Lunchtime


1.00-2.00- Quiet Time 

(IT free time, reading, puzzles etc.)


2.00-3.30- Academic Time

(activities to be accessed through SeeSaw)


The timetable is designed to be adapted depending on your child, their age and your own personal circumstances.