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Drop off and Pick Up

Delivering and Collecting Children


In the interests of safety, parents delivering and collecting their children by car, are asked to respect the parking restrictions at the school and not to stop on the yellow lines. Please also park in consideration of local residents, not parking up kerbs/blocking driveways etc.


Children must not be on the school grounds before 8.45am, unless attending Breakfast Club. At the start of the school day all teachers will come onto the playgrounds to escort the children into class. If it is wet or icy, the children will go straight into class.


Foundation and Key Stage 1 children will not be allowed to leave the premises unless they are accompanied by a known adult. Parents must inform the class teachers of any changes to adults who will be picking up their child when they drop the children off. If this is to be a regular practise then please put in writing so that all staff are aware. Please ensure your child is aware of who is picking them up from the start of school, this avoids confusion.


Key Stage 2 children are to find their trusted adult, however if they find there is no adult on the playground they know that they must come straight back into school.


If a parent or carer is late, the child will go to the school office, children are not allowed to leave the school unaccompanied. If you are going to be late for your child please contact the school office immediately in order to cause less distress for your child.