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Newton Primary School

An educational family that comes together and stays together

Our Curriculum

Newton: An educational family that comes together and stays together


Intentions and Ambitions: Our curriculum goes beyond a plan of what will be taught and when it will be taught. It covers all the experiences a child receives under our guidance. Whilst constantly striving for the highest possible standards within national assessments, it is our ambition that children will grow to thrive in the world, and do great things because they got the best of starts at Newton Primary. As educationalists we take responsibility for the future of the young lives within our school family. To ensure that our pupils become passionate, determined learners with self-belief a positive ethos will permeate our school. This will be reflected all our interactions with pupils and by providing a learning environment which is loved by both pupils and teachers. We will promote the importance of resilience and teamwork so that children believe they can achieve, have a duty to achieve and a duty to help others achieve. The qualities of honesty and respect will underpin their conduct at all stages. We will enrich the lives of our pupils in order to ensure that they have an appreciation and sense of fulfilment from the world that surrounds them. Throughout our work we will promote the important partnership role that parents play within the learning process.


Implementation: Teachers and pupils will be supported through structures that enable teachers to have a strong subject knowledge and assessment strategies that ensure continuity and progression. Teachers and pupils will recognise that each subject taught is of equal importance. This will be reflected in the dynamic ways in which we teach, and the manner in which our pupils proudly record their learning.


Whilst fully recognising the importance of direct teaching, learners will benefit from a blend of teaching styles. Our teachers believe that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all, and therefore be prepared to work with unusual ideas that will stimulate the imagination and lead to deep learning. Where appropriate the curriculum will be delivered through a thematic approach that enables the children to see the links the subjects. History, Geography and Religious Education will be used as key drivers that enable teachers to create rich and vivid programmes of study. The power of reading, and a love of books will be used to both create a sense of empathy and accelerate progress across the curriculum. Children’s learning will not be restricted to the classroom. The Forest Schools programme and outdoor learning will be used as strategies to excite and engage children in aspects of environmental education thus opening their eyes to both their heritage and their natural and man-made surroundings.


Impact: A family spirit that inspires pupils both educationally and spiritually will be evident for all to see. This will be reflected in learners making enhanced progress across the subjects of the National Curriculum. Additionally, innovative child friendly assessment strategies will demonstrate how pupils are becoming citizens who routinely demonstrate the underpinning values of determination, resilience, honesty, respect, teamworking, and a passion and a self-belief to achieve.

How do we teach our Curriculum?

We have reviewed our wider curriculum. Please find below an overview for this academic year and then a curriculum overview for each class. To read more about our approach to teaching and learning at Newton Primary School, please scroll further down our page.