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At Newton Primary School we have three forms of Homework:

Reading and Comprehension

Times Tables

Homework Missions

KS2 Spellings


Reading and Comprehension

Regardless of whether it is made explicitly clear, children are expected to read on a daily basis as an essential part of their homework.

We ask parents to read to their child regularly as well as hear them read, even when their child has become an independent reader. Young children also benefit from having stories read to them that they cannot read themselves.

As the children become fluent readers, they need to work on their understanding and comprehension of the text. We do this by asking the children lots of questions about the nature of the text. There are some examples of these below.


Times Tables

Our children start to learn their times tables in Year 1 with the expectation that they will be fluent by Year 4. Staff dedicate time to times tables practise weekly but without support from home it if difficult to make these stick. Any work you can do to support your children to learn their times tables is greatly appreciated.


Homework Missions

Each Wednesday Class teachers send home three missions. We ask that the children pick two and complete them with the same pride and standard as they complete their class work. Each week they will vary depending on what the children have been doing in class. We ask that Parents sign these missions so that we know the children have shared their work with you. It also gives you as parents an insight to the learning that is taking place in the classroom.


Homework Club

Gail Hannon (Pastoral Manager) runs our Homework Club on Monday lunchtimes. It is a very supportive and inclusive club which children enjoy. We understand that at times families have busy weeks and this facility is there to support the children.

Key Stage 2 - Different ways to help your child learn their spellings