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Writing and Grammar


Our writing sessions are planned on a bi-weekly basis, following a similar structure throughout school. Using Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing techniques, opportunities for immersion at the beginning of a new genre are evident including story mapping and drama-based activities. Once the children have a good understanding of the taught genre and have had enough time to engage with varied examples and a model text, we then move on to the innovation stage where the children begin to plan and compose their own examples using paired write and analysis. The final stage of the two weeks is the invention stage. This is where the children independently plan, draft, write and redraft their invented genres independently. A final extended piece of writing, ‘The Hot Task’, is produced at the end as a means of assessment. Wherever possible, this final product is celebrated and published for its intended audience. Throughout all writing sessions, appropriate taught grammar objectives are embedded and analysed. Daily spelling sessions take place across the school. The Spelling Shed scheme is followed for spellings and children have the opportunity to engage in online games at home to practise new rules and patterns.  KS1 use Read Write Inc phonics until they are ready to move onto spellings. 



The children need to learn the correct way to form letters so that they can go on to join up their letters as they get older. We use the Nelson Thornes Scheme for handwriting throughout school and record any handwriting practice at the back of English books. Effective activities for strengthening hand muscles used in school are cutting and sticking activities, playing with plasticine and using clothes pegs. Opportunities for celebrating handwriting are encouraged to further engage and motivate pupils to be proud of their presentation.

Grammar Progression of Skills

Useful Websites

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